Exemplar provides custom reporting, predictive analytics and distance learning technology solutions. We partner with human services agencies of all types to transform raw data into actionable knowledge, and illuminate the real human stories behind the numbers. Together, we make sure more people in need get the most appropriate services, in the most efficient manner.



Customized daily reports ensure the right people get the right insights — at every level of your agency. Gain instant visibility of program areas that require critical attention so that more people get the exact help they need.

Predictive Analytics

We build specialized models to forecast the likelihood of future events, allowing for more efficient and informed resource allocation, better team collaboration, and a deeper understanding of cause-and-effect.

Distance Learning

Unlimited-capacity bilingual education and training, with GED prep, vocational training, employment skills and real-world, local job searches. Enables more people to gain the skills they need to achieve self-sufficiency.

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We find the humanity in the bureaucracy. After all, we’re here to help people, not fill spreadsheets, and it’s the human stories that define our success together.


With decades of combined on-the-ground experience in the human services field, we have a deep understanding of day-to-day program operations in human services agencies.


We understand the complexity of your programs and know reporting solutions are never one-size-fits-all. We customize our tools to fit your needs now and as they evolve tomorrow.


We know you often face unexpected challenges, so our dedicated client services team is always ready to respond to a shifting landscape as quickly as if it were done in-house.

Customized To Fit Your Needs

We work with you from the beginning, taking the time to understand your organization, customizing our products to fit your specific needs. Not with canned parameters, but by accommodating changes to data sources and content right through to formatting and branding. Exemplar develops reporting and analytics solutions for your agency, and your agency alone, with no extra cost to you.


Our mission is your mission

We’ve been there on the front lines and understand the unique obstacles you face every day. Our experience has helped human services agencies improve lives through tangible outcomes for over a decade. It’s our mission to stand in partnership with those working to make a difference every day. So we created the technology tools we wish we’d had when we were in your shoes, because we’ll always be human services professionals at heart.


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