Michael De La Rosa is President of Exemplar Human Services, which specializes in performance management analytics for human services agencies.

Prior to his work with Exemplar, Mr. De La Rosa spent 19 years in the County of San Bernardino, Transitional Assistance Department. He has held supervisory, management, administrative, and executive management positions, including 8 years as the Deputy Director overseeing Eligibility and Welfare to Work programs.

Under his leadership, the County became a leader in Welfare to Work programs in California, with many achievements including a 100% increase in their TANF Work Participation Rate.
Mr. De La Rosa completed undergraduate studies at Western Governors University.







Aaron Goldberg is Chief Operating Officer for Exemplar Human Services, a firm, specializing in performance management analytics for human services agencies.

Prior to joining the Exemplar team Mr. Goldberg was the Director of Planning, MIS and Quality Assurance for the New York City’s HIV\AIDS Services Administration (HASA).  In that capacity he developed and implemented a front-line performance management program in that agency.  ‘HASA-Stat’ was built on a philosophy of instituting a culture of high performance expectations for all levels of staff and a reliance on data to inform operational change.  The model was developed to promote routine communication around best practices and areas of potential improvements within the context of data as the key driver of performance and operational analysis.

Aaron received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Clark University in Worcester, MA, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Baruch College in New York City.






Andrew Gerard is a software engineer and IT manager with over 15 years of professional experience specializing in SQL and C# programming, business systems automation, and production IT management.

A problem-solver by nature, Andrew has increased the stability of the Exemplar platform by improving automation and monitoring of production systems. He was born in New Jersey and relocated to Massachusetts after receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from UMass Amherst.

Also an experienced musician and recording engineer, Andrew has logged over 500 live performances and has recording credits on dozens of albums.