Our Mission is Your Mission

We’ve been there. On the front lines. And we understand the unique obstacles facing you every day, because we’ve faced them too. Therefore, we made it our mission to stand in partnership with those working to make a difference every day. So we created the technology tools we wish we’d had when we were in your shoes, because we’re human services professionals at heart.

Why Exemplar?

Together, we leverage technology to deliver knowledge. Because when you know more, you can do more. And that means making a real difference in the lives of more people in need. We aim to be your best partner by constantly working to deliver on our promise to be: Human, Quick, Comprehensive, Customized, and Accurate.


We’re constantly looking for the humanity hidden in the bureaucracy. After all, we’re here to help people, not fill spreadsheets, and it’s the human stories that define our success together.


Our data is up-to-date, easy to decipher, and accessible at every level of your organization. Get up-and-running in a matter of days, not months. Concern areas are highlighted immediately so you can act before they grow.


An unending stream of raw data, without context or perspective, can often do more harm than good. We turn your data into useful, actionable knowledge, empowering your agency to better allocate resources, plan for the future, and ultimately achieve optimal results.

Customized & Accurate

We work with you to build out the exact reporting and analysis you need because needs are different everywhere. Every member of your team gets the exact data and analysis they need at every level.

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