We created the tools we wish we had when we were in your shoes. 

Exemplar is uniquely positioned to help you make the most of your work. We’re custom technology architects who understand the complexity of the programs you administer because we come from that world. 

We partner with you to transform raw data into actionable knowledge, and to illuminate the real human stories behind the numbers. Together, we make sure more people in need can get the most appropriate services, in the most efficient manner. We provide custom reporting, predictive analytics and distance learning technology solutions. 

We know that you’ll face unexpected challenges, which is why our reporting solutions are never one-size-fits-all. We deliver reporting and predictive analytics to fit your specific needs as they are today, and as they evolve tomorrow. Expect the speed and efficiency of an in-house team with the industry-level knowledge of our dedicated client services team.

With Exemplar, you can finally put more of your knowledge to work.

Products & Services

Because every agency faces unique challenges, we work closely with you to deliver unique solutions. We want to empower you to make more happen. With Exemplar, you can do more with your data so that you can do more on the ground to help more people in need.


Instant Visibility: When your needs change we make sure your reporting does too, almost immediately

Exacting Knowledge: Fully customized reports give you what you need when you need it 

Safety Net: Custom alerts give you advance warning so no one falls through the cracks

Predictive Analytics

Forecasting: Specialized models let you visualize the likelihood of problems, before they even arise

Penny-pinching: Maximize limited budgets by better targeting fund allocation

Evolving: Continually iterate and streamline projects – meaning more efficiency for those in your care now and in the future

Distance Learning

Always-on: Access to life skills such as GED prep, vocational training, and local job searches

Bilingual: 5,000 education and training courses available in English & Spanish

Comprehensive: Enable more people to gain self-sufficiency with immediate enrollment and engagement

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What people are saying

“We’re here to make sure our clients get what they need. When legacy software and ineffective reporting get in-between our clients and their benefits, we have to recognize the need for change. With Exemplar, our agents can quickly see, every day, which clients are at risk, and where resources need to be deployed.That access is the difference between oversight and accuracy.”

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“Exemplar helped us build a fully-customizable suite of tools that equip us with a comprehensive view of all our available data. Before, we were pulling outdated data manually and infrequently. It wasn’t sustainable and we were wasting valuable time. Now, the data doesn’t get in the way. It improves our operations.”

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“We were initially skeptical of bringing a partner like Exemplar in, because we honestly didn’t think it could be seamless. And, we wanted to make sure we were smart with our resources, given our limitations. But, we were happily surprised that Exemplar knew our pain points from day one, and they met us where our needs were along the way.” 

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